Best setup


I was wondering which setup should I use for metabase ? What does it need ? RAM, CPU ?
We will install it on a linux server and we will use it as our BI Solution.
We will have a lot of Data bases too.
Is there a problem if we replicate our DB on this same server ?

Thanks for your help

I don’t think anyone will be able to answer that - too many depends (users, query size, concurrency etc).
The joy of server virtualisation is that you can change things as you go along.

Form past experience of BI tools, whenever there’s a tool to estimate server requirements, it always vastly overestimates to avoid any problems.

Thanks for your answer
I think we’will create dashboards and we will share them.
We’re not going to give the access to all of our users (more than 1000).

As you said, we will use a virtual machine so that we will be able to change the setup as we go along