Best way to let users save 'favorite' rows? (with embed)

I will be using metabase embed with a table viz to provide a list of ‘result’ records to users based on certain criteria.

Id like to allow them to save favorite rows from the table viz / results and ideally even sets of filter settings that launched a search.

Any ideas on how to hack this? :slight_smile:

You can save the filters by embedding in an IFRAME then having some custom code setting the filters from outside the frame.
Saving the rows could be done using a hyperlink on each row to launch some more custom code to write back to your database.

Maybe use another product?

Thanks for your response.

That’s two great ideas - do you know if there was a dynamic user-related attribute that I could add to the URL so I know which metabase user is logged in for that session i.e. which user favorited it?

When you have Metabase embedded in an iframe I’d say it’s “the other way around”. It’s the responsibility of your (possibly very thin) outer app to authenticate the user and map that identity to a database identity through a “locked parameter” as described in the Embedding charts and dashboards with locked parameters section of :blue_book:

Hope that explanation makes sense?

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It does absolutely, can run this from the Users authentication table and put a matching table in there.
Thanks Jorn.

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