BI Engineer at Datadog [Paris, France]

You Will:

  • Build foundational (critical) analytics dashboards that are actionable and used across multiple teams at Datadog in order to make strategic decisions
  • Facilitate data-driven decision making for Product Managers, Designers, Engineers, Marketing, and Finance, among other teams.
  • Put in place solid analytics training for all Datadog teams so they can learn how to use our data and tools to answer questions and build analytics reporting for their team on their own
  • Animate the communities of Analytics Ambassadors and Data Analysts
  • Help Frontend Engineers within Internal Analytics to understand what new features to implements on our data exploration tools
  • Perform data analysis for external teams who need our help and clearly communicate findings to a broad range of stakeholders including managers and executives across all departments
  • Contribute to building the data modeling layer, which exposes clean transformed data to the whole company for analytics, based on our best-in-class code style guide

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