BI for multi company - MySql - Host Server

Dear all!
I would like to use Metabase for create a small BI for different companies (using differents ERP).
At my disposal I have

  • Host Server with MySQL
  • different erp (with different database) with a specific recordset of datas that can upload a CSV file in my ftp and I can “with a cron job” and php add them in MySQL…
  • Datas are uploaded each night (1-2mb for each csv)

All it looks …a little bit tricky and not the best solution
Have u got something more clever to apply for this situation?
Thanks in adv

Hi @mirco_cervi
Perhaps you should try the CSV driver instead? It’s of course not as flexible as whatever you could script together (and would of course has some limitations), but maybe that’s fine enough for you:

thanks I will try :slight_smile: