Big Query multiple tables

I receive 1 table everyday. These tables comes from Bigquery. Please check the attached screenshot.

To make a daily trend I have to use UNION function to make all data union. Is there any automated system that makes all the tables into one table?

My query screenshot.

Hi @shaonyuvi
Create a function or view on BigQuery which does this, so Metabase can just see a simple single table.

Can I do this on Metabase?

Actually, I don't have access there.

@shaonyuvi Seems like BigQuery has some functionality builtin:
You'll find better help in a forum dedicated to BigQuery, since it's not really related to Metabase.

Try this:
select * from analytics_325139175.events_*

BigQuery lets you use wildcard tables. It will treat all the tables found with the * as a union of the individual tables.
You can also do select * from analytics_325139175.events_202208* if you only want the data for August.