BigQuery - Caching does not seem to work

Hi, I'd love to know if I'm missing something really obvious here.

Using the latest stable release of Metabase (v0.47.5) deployed via Docker on my local machine. I have connected to our BigQuery instance and created a model using one of our core metric tables.

Have enabled Model Caching in the settings, see below:

And also disabled Include User ID and query hash in queries, again, see below:

Despite the above, every time I open the model in the UI, Metabase is querying our BigQuery instance. I have Metabase open on one tab, and BigQuery on the other, and I can literally see it hitting our instance every time I move around the UI and click into our different models.

Why isn't the caching working as expected, or am I missing something? If it's going to hit our database every time a user opens up the model then this product is going to be a total non-starter for us.

It’s not yet supported Support persistent caching Models for BigQuery · Issue #26991 · metabase/metabase · GitHub