BigQuery - Custom timezone on field filter?

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This seems to be a general problem. As you might know, the only timezone BigQuery supports for TIMESTAMP column fields is UTC. But in my organisation, everyone works in IST i.e. UTC +5:30.

I've noticed that Metabase automatically displays timestamp field output of query result in IST. But, the field filters made using the same column still work in UTC. This leads to a confusion as results are displayed in IST but dates in field filter work in UTC.

I'm aware if I use BETWEEN in the query with DATE variable instead of field filter, I could CAST and add 330 minutes to TIMESTAMP column itself. But then I would lose the additional widget options that are only available via field filters, which I really like.:face_holding_back_tears:

Is there a way I can make field filters work in IST? Since Metabase handles both column name and variable in BQ queries when using field filters, I cannot CAST it from the query editor. Any solution to this?

What version are you running? can you share Admin -> Troubleshooting -> Diagnostic info

Also what is the Report Timezone value in your metabase instance since this need to be changed to match the timezone you want to see your reports in, again, this should match the rest of the timezone settings you’ve made


Thanks for the reply. Since the question was posted, we were able to sort the issue.

We are running v0.45.2.1. We needed to change Settings --> Localization --> Report Timezone to Asia/Kolkata. Before it was blank.

I got confused because even without the above setting, metabase was automatically converting timestamp in query result to IST so I thought timezone setting couldn't be an issue.

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Glad to hear :slight_smile:


I am using metabase version 0.46.6, can you help me how to get the timestamp values as stored in bigquery and use report timezone as Asia/Kolkata?