BigQuery Service Account will be released in v0.35.5?


I’m currently running Metabase v0.35.4 on my Elastic Beanstalk Environment and I’m trying to set up my first Google BigQuery connection. In order to do that, in this version of Metabase, I need to generate a Client ID to enable a connection.

By reading some github PR’s I notice that a support for service accounts is comming out, are you planning to have this shipped on the next version? If yes, do you have any ideas of the dates? :smiley:

Other question that I have is if there is any way of running an alpha version on Elastic Beanstalk. I found on github some tags like v20150604-alpha, there is any public s3 url for these versions?
I’m currently using :


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Hi @rney

No, it will be part of 0.36.0 - there’s no release date yet, maybe a few weeks.

You can edit the file inside of the ZIP-file and replace metabase/metabase:v0.35.4 with metabase/metabase-head:latest to get the latest developer build.
This is highly not recommended. Chances of corruption or you getting stuck on that build.

Thanks mate!