Bind a domain name

How does metabase bind a domain name?

Metabase doesn’t bind to a domain with the internal Jetty webserver. To have that functionality, you should be using a reverse proxy such as Nginx, Caddy, Apache…

I hope you can add a specific binding domain name document, because I still don’t understand it, such as about caddy.

How to use caddy reverse proxy metabase (metabase installed via docker)
I hope to give detailed steps.

What is the default path to the metabase’s website directory?

I don’t use Caddy, but there’s probably a project out there, but here’s some hints:

The “website directory”, I don’t understand. If you’re talking about where to proxy to, then the root is just /

All these questions are really not related to Metabase, but general questions about docker, network, proxy - please use a general forum for that: