Binning custom column

Using up to date metabase.

I’ve created a simple custom column (converting a duration in milliseconds to hours), but I’m unable to create a histogram using the data in this column.

I can use the auto binning function on the original (millisecond) duration column, but it seems that this is not supported for the custom column? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @mattblanc
Which version is “up to date”? There’s several editions of Metabase and there were a release yesterday, so it’s much more understandable to write the version.

When using Custom Column, then it’s currently only available on numeric columns.

I would recommend using SQL and then a nested question based on that. Or use a database view to return a date/time column.

Or am I misunderstanding the question?

I think the issue is that auto binning doesn’t seem to work when trying to group by a custom column. Trying to find an existing GH issue but coming up empty so far.

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I’ve opened this issue to track this:

Thanks @maz! That’s exactly it :slight_smile:

Has this been fixed? Currently trying to do this but not having any luck

@MrRicko If you visit the issue, you'll see it's still open. If the issue is closed, then it has a milestone attached in the sidebar, so you can see which version it's available in. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post