Binning using dates

I am working with financial data. Id like to be able to bin financial transactions by transaction date into two groups per “product” - year to period (YTP) and year to date (YTD) e.g.

| Product | YTP | YTD | Variance |
| Apples | $100 | $110 | $10 |
| Pears | $50 | $51 | $1 |

Is there a way to do this in metabase w/o resorting to using SQL as I’d like to preserver the drill down function.

Currently binning is very auto-strict, meaning it doesn’t give a lot of options to control the binning. There’s a request for more advanced binning control - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:
If you make a view, then you’ll keep the drill-down, since Metabase just sees that as a table.