Brand Metabase

Doing a proof of concept with Metabase, which looks cool.
One of my requirements is branding. How can I change the logo and modify the footer?
Cheers, Don Brown

Hi, Don. Thanks for trying Metabase out. Are you talking about the branding in the invitation emails, within the app itself, or somewhere else? We’d love to know some more details about your requirements.

One feature we’re currently working on is the ability to embed cards or dashboards in other places, and along with that we’re exploring allowing customers to remove the Metabase branding.

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My requirement is to create a branded application, which is to be used internally.
This would require a logo change, and we would need to add a footer with the usual the usual words and links found in other web apps. Basically, the branding is needed for where the application lives. The footer keeps links to Metabase, adds help pages, and pages that make lawyers happy.

Have not had a chance to look at the email templates, for either invitation or to carry Pulse messages. Have fond hopes that these emails are formatted into a template that can be changed.


Hi Don,
I thin the only way to achieve this is by compiling your own customized versión of metabase. For that , you will need to understand the source code and update html, forma and images.
It’s not difficult, but it is quite a job.
More important is to review the license and understand if this is legally posible.

Hope it helps

We’re working with a few folks on supporting a commercial white labelled version of Metabase. If you’re interested in that, happy to chat.

You’re welcome to modify + compile a customized version as @julianm mentions, but you’d largely be on your own re support and dealing with merging new versions, etc.

Don, don’t hesitate to get in contacto with me if you need help with this.


Until Metabase support some form of white-labelling, a way you can achieve this, if your branding requirements are simple is to use Nginx or Apache as a proxy server. Create a static page with your logo and footer requirements at the top and bottom, then embed the link to your metabase server in a borderless <IFRAME> in between.

If you have more complex decoration requirements, you can do stuff like on-the-fly css rewriting or image substitution with a proper decorator/injector framework. Take a look at

Sitemesh is one of the best frameworks at doing this, especially if your decoration requirement does not or cannot have a direct relationship with the application it’s decorating.

Hi maz,

when can we expect the next release roughly? I see it’s going to bring embedding dashboards and cards which is awesome!

@sameer @shrike71

Has anyone had any success with this? I would love to learn. I’m attempting @shrike71 's leveraging Site Mesh.


hi @maz , is there any update on the ability to remove Metabase branding on the embedded report? I would love to hear about this feature… Thanks! :smiley:

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hello julianm ? i’m trying to change th logo can you helpme with that ? i don’t know which file to change ?

You would have to build the entire project completely for that, changing the images and code desired.

i only want to change page title. how can i do that ?