"Broken pipe (Write failed)"


I have a strange issue with one of my (quite complex) query: it works in SQL Server, but not in Metabase.
The really strange thing is that I can make it work in Metabase, but not changing the SQL itself, just changing the IDs I refer to !

To demonstrate it, first on SQL Server:

Then on Metabase:

Sometimes, instead of “No results!”, you’ll directly get the “Broken pipe (Write failed)” message in the query window.

Do you have any clue about this? What else can I provide to help (db is quite large)?

Do you see any errors in the Metabase log, when running the query? Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs

Yes, I show it at the end of the second video :wink:

“Broken pipe (Write failed)” (but you can see all the other details in the video).
That’s where I’m confused, I don’t know if it comes from the query analysis or the returned data (would be strange as the query is a “not in”, so returns less than what the other 2 working tries return), looks like a bug in the SQL driver.

The error log I show appears everytime I try to run the query.

I’m not sure what’s going on. But the failed sync is at least 30 minutes before you run the query, so that shouldn’t have anything to do with this specific failed query.
I have a feeling that you might be seeing issue #9989 - perhaps in combination with something else.
Metabase 0.33.0 uses MS SQL JDBC driver 7.0.0.jre8, but I don’t see anything in newer drivers that specifically fixes the issue you’re seeing.