Bugs (OSX client)

Dashboard crashes when trying to load and I’m not able to edit the dashboard to remove a graph before it crashes. The crashes started occurring when I added a 6th graph.

Hey @grant. Sorry to hear you're running into issues with the Mac app. If you have a Github account it'd be great if you could file an issue telling us the version of Metabase you're using and as much detail as you can about how to recreate the problem, and we'll look into it and see what's going on.

To find your Metabase version just click "About Metabase" from the user dropdown in the top right.

I am finding same behaviour -crashes on latest release

fixed it by deleting the file: ./Users/username/Library/Application Support/Metabase

I encounter a similar issue in version 0.22.2 on Mac OX. I created 6 graphs (bar charts) and put them in an dashboard. After I added the 6th graph the dashboard crashed and I am not able to remove the graph to fix it.
Is there a limit on how many graphs a dashboard can contain? as I plan to replace all our internal dashboards with Metabase dashboards that would be important to know ?

Thanks a lot for your help, cheers, Eva