Build Metabase with planetscale db as a production db

Hi there,

We are trying to deploy Metabase docker on an AWS EC2 instance with a planetscale db as a production db. However, we get the following error:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLTransientConnectionException: Could not connect to address=
(conn=3938133) unknown error: Code: UNAVAILABLE
server does not allow insecure connections, client must use SSL/TLS

We have tried with METABASE_CONNECTION_URI to test different types of sslmode but it doesn't work. Would you have any clue ?


Hi, first time I hear about planetscaledb. This error seems pretty common in planetscaledb if you look for it over the forums, seems like a config you need to do in the DB. Have you checked that already?

Yes we have tried multiple set up in the URI. sslaccept=True, ssl=True but nothing seems to work.