Building a question

Can I combine two questions?

Yes and no. In a dashboard, with line/area/bar charts or with number/scalar cards, you can click the Add Data button on the top right of the card when in edit mode to add other questions to the card, which lets you do multi-line charts, or multi-scalar cards which are displayed as a bar chart.

However, you can’t currently do things like divide the result of question A by the result of question B — that’s a feature that we call “composition” internally that we’re interested in implementing.

Ok thanks I am trying to find the button in the top right corner :slight_smile: in edit mode

Ok i am getting there slowly

maybe not. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. need some more help

Could you describe in detail what your desired end result is?

I have a database that collects data from multiple users. I am able to see the aggregated data for all my customers but i want to see the data from specific customers.