Bundle Metabase with specific hostname

I host metabase on a remote linux server. and this server has bundled with a public IP with many A records, for example, www.abcd.com, www.efgh.com, www.hijk.com etc.
This means the metabase can be accessed with www.abcd.com:3000, www.efgh.com:3000 and www.hijk.com:3000. but if I want to limit only one domain can access to metabase, what should I do?

What do you mean by “limit only one domain can access to metabase”?

Do you mean:

  • Only one routes successfully, and the rest 404?
  • Only users with accounts at one domain can log in?
  • All but one redirect to the name your want?

I don’t believe we have anything built into Metabase to do this right now. The easiest way to do this would be to put a reverse proxy like Apache or NGINX in front of Metabase, with appropriate virtual host configurations.

As far as adding this to Metabase, we could redirect or 404 hostnames that don’t match the “site URL” setting. I think changing the default could break existing installations so we’d probably have to add it as an option.