"Cache relation does not exist" recurring error when deactivating cache on models

As a data analyst, we've created models on a Postgres database.

At first we activated the cache on models in order to run faster queries.

After deactivating caching on models, I have the following error (here the model is called mymodel)

ERROR: relation "metabase_cache_01494_59.model_1750_mymodel" does not exist
  Position: 763

What is odd is that even when reactivating the cache on models, the new cache schema isn't taken into account, in our case, the new schema is metabase_cache_01494_126 but the error stills remains

We thought we could solve this by changing slightly the model query, but since the cache is "updating" (again, even though we deactivated caching on models at the database level) every N hours, the error keeps coming back.

I'm available to provide any relevant detail necessary.

Is it possible that you made a model dependent on another model, cached both and then removed the caching?

It is completely the case.

Hi dynnammo,

Were you able to solve this problem? I have the same problem and I am looking for solutions, thank you in advance for sharing your experience with us.

Hi, I wasn't able to reproduce my statement above. I enabled model caching, created a question, saved as a model, then created another question that depends on the first one. When I disable model caching everything goes back to normal

cc @dynnammo

Haven't been able to reproduce the bug, so think it was solved somehow :slight_smile: