Caching Questions


I was hoping to use caching of models and questions but then I read that model caching ignores sandboxed models. As it happens all but a couple of of our models require sandboxing. So that was a set back but on reading a bit more I get why.

What wasn't as clear [to me] was whether enabling caching questions is also a waste of time against sandboxed models? I wondered whether some kind of question caching might take place 'above' the models or whether your questions can't using caching if their data source is a sandboxed model?

I hope that makes sense, any claification on whether there is any point caching questions when all your models rely on sandboxing would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

While sandboxed queries skip the model cache, they do hit question cache.

So if you have sandbox, you'll benefit from question caching.

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Music to my ears. Thanks.

Ok, I'm likely wrong. It is documented that sandboxes don't use cache Caching query results

I'm not sure why that's the case (sandboxes could use cache). I'll review it with the team.

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Actually turns out docs are likely wrong.

I'll confirm tomorrow, but we should support cache sandboxed queries.

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@arakaki Thanks for taking the time to dig into this for me.

Are you saying that sandboxed models are cached or something else? That would be great news. Out of date docs in my favour for a change :grinning:

Does this also mean that caching questions that use sandboxed models are also cachable?


" Currently available for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redshift"

Our db is SQL Server. I went to set it up following the encouraging news it might work and spotted this and the fact I can't see the option to setup the cache schema.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Thanks for taking the time. I'm sure others would still benefit from knowing whether sandboxed models can be cached.