Calculate Percentage between two Cumulative Sums (Custom formula)


I'm having some issues calculating the percentage between two cumulative sums (with a custom formula).

In my previous question (link: Cumulative SUM in Metabase) I have asked a tip to calculate the Cumulative Sum without losing the multiple filter feature.

In the picture below you can see two tables.
In the first one (left-side) I have the total amout for month and the percentage between 'Cumulative sum of Balance_2_Years' (year 2022) and 'Cumulative sum of Balance_Last_Year' (year 2023). It is correct.

I would like to have the same result for the right-side table, which contains the total cumulative amount for the last two years.

The formula that I used seems correct (I have used the same for the non cumulative table in the left, but using the SUM() function, and not CUMULATIVE_SUM()). As you can see, it doesn't work.

Does anyone have the same problem? Possible solutions?

From your screenshot it seems like you're hitting this limitation:

That's planned to be included in release 50 which is a 1/2 months away

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Thanks @TonyC, I hadn't read this thread.
We will have to wait.

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