Calculate two questions


I’m trying to combine two questions and calculate them. I want to show calculation result in Dashboard.

I have two Questions.
Question A : total count of user records, refer from User table.
Question B : total count of order records, refer from Order table.
I want to show order counts per user.

Can I calculate two questions, like “Question B / Question A”?

Are the questions from two different databases? Or are the tables within the same database?

tables within the same database.

Up! I am also interested in this

Hi people,
is this somehow possible within the dashboard or within another question?

Would be great to get help on that :slight_smile:

@alexhammerschmied You can use combine request from other questions in SQL. Have a look here: Divide two sql queries results

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thank you very much. That made it a lot quicker to find :slight_smile: