Calendar Table

Guys, good afternoon!

How to create and relate a calendar table to be used to filter data based on dates in one or multiple tables?

Lourival Oliveira

I’m not sure I understand.
Are you looking for a calendar heatmap visualization? If yes, then go and upvote by clicking :+1:

I think he’s looking for a date dimension table.
If so, you need to create a table containing all your dates etc, then create a view for each place you want to use is.
For example, table: masterCalendar
views: SalesOrderPlaceCalendar, SalesOrderInvoiceCalendar etc

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Hi @AndrewMBaines,

Exactly this, how do I create this global date dimension table in Metabase and use it in all my dashboards?

It’s nothing to do with Metabase. I needs to be in your database.
This is for SQL Server, but applies to any database:

Ah yes, I got it!
I will work with Dashboards from multiple datasources (Mysql, Oracle, DB2 …), in this case, will I need to create a Calendar Table for each DBMS or, do I just need to create this Calendar Table in the Metabase database?

Possibly. Does Metabase’s native date handling not do what you need?

I’m going to conduct tests here and for any questions I’m about to report to you again. Thank you for your attention.

Lourival Oliveira