Calendar visualization

Hi! How can I funnel the results of a question (query) into a calendar-based visualization? Ideally I could display items in a month-view calendar, and color-code them by a categorical value.

I found this old topic from 2 years ago:

…and this old feature request from 3 years ago:

Even if Metabase doesn’t have a calendar-style visualization built-in, can you point me to how I can plug in some sort of custom-coded visualization? Thanks!

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Hi @smurray
Upvote the issue by clicking :+1: on the first post.
Perhaps you can get some of the way with Pivot Table, but otherwise you would have to code something like that outside of Metabase. You can use the API to get the data from Metabase and visualize it in your own code.

Thanks! I already upvoted. Thanks for the API tip. Looks like I should use:

…to run a Question query and get the results.