Call stored procedure via metabase

We use open source of metabase and our database is mysql.
My business entails writing complex queries with lot of mathematical computations.
For the case of maintainability and ease of management and use, I wanted to explore
if I can call a stored procedure directly via metabase ?
All my computation would reside in the stored procedure and i would issue a call to the SP
that would output the data. Is this possible via metabase or a related plug in ?
Also is there a commercial / enterprise version of metabase that I can pay for and utilize advanced features ?

Apparently you can use stored procedures with some limitations (which you’ll see if you read the whole issue discussion):

Some alternative GitHub discussions about executing logic or calculations living outside Metabase from within Metabase:

Hello guys, reviveding the discussion regarding stored procedure in metabase.Today it is possible call the store procedure in metabase, just the follow the steps the bellow:
1 - Do login in the your panel;
2 - Go to item from menu in top right side e click in “Write SQL”;
3 - Select your database;
4 - Write the instructions to the your stored procedure with:
call my_procedure()

my procedure out parameter sys_refcursor
how to call you please give sample
thank you

Hi @cngchetan, in this case I do another temporary table and into the procedure I record the result from cursor in the temporary table.
After that, I use this one table to view my datas in the Metabase.

If you need more help, no problem, contact me.

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thank you for reply,
In my case its is not single procedure i have more than 500+ procedure such like, and even while callling procedure as per given example not working, how to passing parameter, my procedure like
– Call the procedure
get_rec(p_for_comp => :p_for_comp,“Inpurt parameter”
vrec => :vrec );“out parameter sys_refcusor”

In this case are are the more than one procedure… 500+.
Regarding the call above, if your procedure has the cursor return, no yet know how to get the rows with values into the cursor.

For now, I use the temporary table for that.

I’m still willing to help you.

hi! I need call a MySql SP, but i cant send parameters when i selections multiple values in filters. For example:

In Mysql:
Can you help me?
Thank you!

@marozzir You cannot use Field Filters like that, because Metabase generates SQL like this:
call some_function( table.schema IN ('option1', 'option2' ) )
You would have to return a single string from a sub-select, but I already explained that in your other topic: Call store procedure from Metabase