Call Stored Procedure with suggested parameters

I have stored procedures in my source DB that I want to call using Metabase. I’ve been looking for a way to have a drop down “filter” that can be used to pass the needed parameter for the SP.

I have been able to accomplish it with a generic SQL statement and setting up a field filter, but haven’t been able to find a way to do something similar for a stored procedure call

here is an example of what i’m looking for and having the selected value passed as the SP parameter

Hi @SeanC
The filter dropdowns are based on scans of the data, so it’s not possible to send a parameter:
More details on Field Filters:

I have the similar question, a critical problem!

@marozzir I think we have a different definition of "critical problem", but you can create a database View for one of your SP/functions with parameters, which Metabase then sees as a regular table.