Can I have user enter a value that can then be displayed dynamically in single row hardcoded report?n displays in a title?

Hi everybody,

Users currently use a dynamic SQL filter to select data for a specific customer.
Can we have the value entered in that filter displayed in something that will appear as a report title?

Sales Report for x
"x" being the customer they enter

Hi @komsinica
Currently no, only the results are part of what is being filtered.
You could create a question like select concat('Sales Report for ', {{filter}}) where you place it on a dashboard as a header.

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Hi Flamber. Thank you so much for the super quick response, that worked like a charm.

@flamber, when you say "place it on a dashboard as a header", could you please elaborate? Should I use the Number visualization and place that on the dashboard as a makeshift dynamic heading?

@OnlineChampion Yes, exactly.

Thanks for your reply.
It would be great if the Number visualization settings had the ability to adjust text size and the text wrapping. Are there any work-arounds?

@OnlineChampion Currently no - you're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post