Can I hide tables and restrict the query access for these tables

Hi Team,
I am connecting metabase to AWS redshift.
As admin, in the data model section, i hide some tables.
After going back to question section, I want to query to check whether I can access the table.
However, I still can query the table.
i try select * from table_name, it works for me.
Any solution for this?
How can i restrict the query access?

Hi @yhu
As the name says, you’re hiding tables - you’re not blocking access.
To change access, you should use Admin > Permissions. Read more about permissions in the documentation:

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@flamber Thank you for your reply!
If I go permission and restrict schema and table level permission, I will not have SQL queries access.
That means I can not even write select statement for the whole database under the native query section.

Okay, if you want to restrict access to some tables, then you should do it at the database level.
If you allow SQL access, then those users have full query read access to anything the database credentials allow.