Can I perform arithematic operations on multiple Query Builders results? I also want their graphs

I will describe my question, For example; I want to see how many people were present and absent in my organization on a particular day, so I can get the present people from attendance, but for absent people I need to take difference of total employees and present on that day. The same goes if I want to see financial statements for example I want to see my Income so I will take difference of my all incomes and the cost of revenue.

Some of it, sometimes:
Add the first chart to a dashboard.
Top right of the chart:
Allows you to add extra graphs to the same question.

For working across questions, no. However, you should be able to add another question that just sums up the values and add that to your existing graph.

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Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it :smiley: . I have figured out a way to sum up my results but sadly I can’t take differences of two questions (i.e. Result of Q2 subtracted from Result of Q1).

Depends upon the format of your question, but you may be able to use a custom field:
In the question, from the … menu
Same place as the sorts.
It’s a bit fiddly, but simple maths is easy enough.

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Alright, but I can’t achieve my output by adding custom fields, because the both questions (say Q1 and Q2) use different filters. Life would be easy if I could be able to add different filters for each view (SELECT) :sweat_smile:. I can only achieve it with different questions but unfortunately, can’t perform simple math on those results. :roll_eyes:
Thanks for your help. Keep up the good work :smile: