Can I use a JDBC connection as a datasource

Trying to use Metabase with Pervasive SQL from Actian. I have a JDBC driver which I use to connect my current SQL client (Aqua Data Studio). Any chance I could use a similar setup with Metabase?

URL: jdbc:pervasive://10.x.x.x/GLOBALPLA
Driver: com.pervasive.jdbc.v2.Driver
Driver Location: /Users/Kevin/java/PSQL-SDK-JDBC-;/Users/Kevin/java/PSQL-SDK-JDBC-;/Users/Kevin/java/PSQL-SDK-JDBC-

I am giving Metabase a whirl on my Mac :smile:

Afraid not. Each SQL dialect has slightly different edge cases that we have to account for, and often a slightly different type system. It’s less the driver, and more everything we need to build around it for our metadata model + gui builder to function.

We have a list of databases we’re building connectors for at

If you’re able and willing to help, describes the process.

Would this be something that I could pay you guys to do for us?