Can i use Account number filter for custom question in pivot table?

I have created a custom question from a native query. But i am unable to create a filter for Account number in my pivot table. Please Help.

What data type does the account number has? which version are you running? what do you see on screen when clicking the row name in the pivot table?

Data type is number. Version - 0.36. Please find attached file below for better understanding.

In the column to filter on i am unable to select trust account number.

2 things to be aware of:

  1. if the question is a native query and does not expose a field to filter by, you won't be able to use this feature (
  2. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: please upgrade to the latest version (we're about to launch v41) as v36 is super old and has tons of bugs that we fixed in the new versions. Where did you get that version from?