Can it be possible to pass the parameter value to filter the result from generated dashboard in metabase by embedding it to my Java based web Application?

I have created a report on metabase dashboard and I want to embed it with my JAVA web application. For this work, as I have gone through the documentation then I can only able to fetch static dashboard report by publishing it as it was on dashboard, but I want to send some parameter at the time of accessing published dashboard for any column of report and want to fetch the filtered report from that dashboard. It means I want to dynamically query the created report. So, please anyone help me how can I do this in JAVA Spring boot, MVC?

Hi @aryan62012
It sounds like you’re looking for “locked parameters”, which allows you to define the parameters in your code. Did you read the documentation about embedding?

Hi @flamber
Actually, as I am new to this tool. So, I am unable to find the way through which I can embed this to my JAVA Spring Boot, MVC web application even after gone through this embedding documentation. So, can you please explain the way through which I can query to the generated report by passing some parameter and fetch filtered output in JAVA Spring boot only?

Doing a search, I found the following example - have a look at that. Otherwise you might find other good examples by searching “java spring boot jwt example” on your favorite search engine.

Thanks, as I got the solution to fetch the record by passing the parameters.
Now, I want to know that how can integrate the screen which I got through the url in my application react UI?

@aryan62012 I’m not sure what screen you’re talking about, since it’s just an iFrame. Is your question specific to Metabase? Otherwise it might be easier to get help in a ReactUI forum.

Hi there,

I am assigning parameter and hiding filter in URL. However how do I “remove” parameter assignment via url? ie revert back to full result set without filter. I am using an “editable” parameter as I need it to be optional, not locked

@ChristineChetty If you are allowing people to use filters, but hiding them, then it’s still controlled by the parameter in the URL (meaning by the user). If you want complete control of a filter, then set it to “Locked” and create your own input fields outside of the iframe that you apply through your Embedding code.

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