Can Metabase be used as an open access data library?

Hi guys,

I've been hugely impressed by Metabase open source / self-hosted so far.

I know this isn't quite the intended use-case, but I'm thinking about a creative idea for leveraging it to build a publicly-accessible data visualisation library (in simple terms: anyone can access the visualisations and download the datasets).

This would require:

-> A conventional backend where a regular (admin) user could upload data, make sure the DB connections are working, and build visualisations

-> A frontend. The idea is that there would be no required authentication. Ie, it would be a "user" that automatically logins in and can immediately see the created visualisations and download the datasets.

For obvious reasons, this user would need to have read-only permissions. Certainly over the database itself. And perhaps also over that "user's" questions and models to prevent random people from deleting each other's work.

I'm aware of the conventional options and approaches like embedding visuals with iFrames but (as I hope this made clear) I'm thinking about a way to try go beyond that.

The use-case is (as simply as possible) a website I'm trying to build housing datasets that are open access and of interest to a specific research community.

Sure, things like CKAN theoretically exist for this, but I haven't found anything as easy to install and likeable as Metabase and am thinking about any way possible to simplify the stack to one good tool.

Thanks in advance!