Can Metabase connect to Impala by specifying a keytab file?

Hi all,The current Impala driver uses the following JDBC URL to connect to Impala:
jdbc:impala://;AuthMech=1;KrbRealm=EXAMPLE.COM;;KrbServiceName=impala. Because we configured "kinit -kt sale_dept.keytab sale_dept/" on the server. Therefore, no matter how many Impala databases we create in Metabase, we will retrieve data that the "sale_dept" principal can access. To obtain the desired result, we need to create different Impala databases using different keytab files and principals.

I have an idea, but I feel that the current driver cannot support it.

  1. Create a separate keytab file for each principal that needs to access Impala databases.
  2. Execute kinit command for each principal on the server to obtain TGTs and store them in their cache.
  3. Create separate Impala databases in Metabase for each principal, specifying the corresponding keytab file and principal.
  4. Each principal can only access the Impala database assigned to them.

Can anyone give me some advice? I would be grateful.