Can Metabase do passwordless ssh and obey ~/.ssh/config for ssh to Postgres?

How does one use ssh connection to ssh if we are using ssh keys (passwordless ssh)? The config does not let me apply it if I don’t fill in the field for ssh Password.

Related, does Metabase use the system ssh tools and thus obey ~/.ssh/config or does it just do its own willy nilly thing? We use ScaleFT and need Metabase ssh to follow a ProxyCommand to run it from our desktops and talk to our AWS RDS databases.


Just found the answer to:

Here: Enable SSH access to Postgres database

Looks like most of those steps for testing got folded into the :blue_book: Admin Guide topic on database connectivity. Specially the section What if The Built in SSH Tunnels Don’t Fit My Needs

NOTE: All above covers connecting to databases with your table sources. Using Postgres as the Metabase application database is handled differently.

Thanks for the links, but what I really need is the Metabase built in ssh to use passwordless ssh (i.e. an ssh key, not a password). Ideally the Metabase UI should support uploading the private key to Metabase.

I can’t really log into the instance running Metabase and run the ssh tunnel command in the shell as described in What if The Built in SSH Tunnels Don’t Fit My Needs

I can relate to that you don’t want to manually spawn ssh manually. Depending on your environment, maybe you can automate it as part of launching Metabase?

Found an existing feature request. It appears to have a work in progress PR missing test code and marked help wanted: