Can not connect to MongoDB on cloud from metabase (Add Database form). But connect successed by MongoDb Compass with the same connection string

Hi Team,

I want to add new database in Metabase with data type is MongoDb (MongoDb is on cloud).

And this is my set up on Add Database form in Metabase:

Metabase can not connect to MongoDn atlas on cloud. And it throw the error :

hmm, we couldn’t connect to the database. Make sure your host and port settings are correct

But i try connect with the same connection string info by Mongo Compass and then it can connect succesful.

*Note :

Do someone know how to fix this issue?
Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Have you seen these two old issues, where people have commented various ways they made it work?

tks for your help!

I am facing the exact same problem, tried all the options given above- didnt work for me. is there a way out?