Can not delete database


I try to delete an extensive database from Metabase, but unfortunately, it takes a long time without response.

Hi @faresalokeeli
Which version of Metabase?
Which internal metadata, H2, Postgres or MySQL?
Do you know how much data that single database would account for?

Hi Flamber

we have Metabase 0.32.7, and the metadata is MySQL 8, data size ( 4G).

thanks a lot for support

Where does the timeout come from? There shouldn’t be any timeout, unless it’s coming from a reverse proxy (the Docker version uses Nginx with 60 seconds timeout) or the database.
Even if you see a timeout from the reverse proxy, it should continue running the delete query (I’m not 100% sure, but I think so).

If your metadata is 4GB, then your connected database must be huge - is that correct?

There was a fix in 0.32.0, which should speed up database deletion many times, so I’m wondering if you’re seeing a different problem. What do you see in the log, when you start the deletion and until it stops/timeout?

delete process completed successfully
we try to delete until we success

I think (4G) is normal size because we connect 18 databases to Metabase.