Can "other categories" filters generate drop-down list that contains a keyword?

Hi everyone,

I'm facing a problem regarding filter's word completion of "other categories" filters. In order to explain, when you try to filter (in a dashboard) a table with a keyword, the filter generates a drop-down list with all existing instances of your keyword : the filter only search for instance that start with the keyword.

In my case I'm trying to filter all instances that contain "stationnement".
The fact is that my dataset includes row like "2134 - Stationnement gênant" which are not retrieved in the filter's drop-down list.
Is there a way to modify this behaviour ?


Hi @Valentin
Either use a Text filter - example:
Or change the filter to a "Search box" instead of "A list of all values" in Admin > Data Model:

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Hi @flamber !

Thank you for this surprisingly quick response, I'll try this way.