Can We Display The Object ID Number From The File Explorer?


Feature request is to display the reference number for a Table / Model (such as {{#100}} ) in its own column from the file explorer. I am referring to the reference number that can be used in SQL queries to reference a Metabase table.

Current columns include: Type, Name, Last Edited By, Last Edited At
This proposed change would add a new column, ID--or something, to the columns.

The benefit would be a quality-of-life improvement. Currently, users must navigate through different pages and manually collect/review these IDs. When trying to maintain many tables, to include trying to archive old ones, its important to review several of these IDs. Having it available as a column makes doing this much easier.

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sorry, I don't understand what's "file explorer"

Here basically

Ok so you want to show the item ID on the collection view. Can you create the issue in our GitHub issue tracker?