Can we filter by "Not match"?

For example, I have "company id" filter which has more than 100 values. Sometimes, I just want to remove a few outlier companies by filter, but I found that we can only choose the values we want to show by filter. Is there any ways to choose the values "is not = xx" ?


Can you send which version you're running? you can do custom expresions on filters if needed (go to filters and scroll to the bottom)

I'm using "v0.41.0-SNAPSHOT" and there's no "custom expression" on the bottom of filter. lol

@Sini It will be supported in 0.42: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thank you so much! Could I know when 0.42 can be released?

@Sini In a couple of months (maybe):

Thank you so much!!!