Can we go to another table by clicking at a cell?

I have a table that looked like this: Selection_028

I want it so that when I click at the topmost row, I get directed to a different table like this one: Selection_029

So the query would be CS Name = 'Eka' and Kpi Date = '01-01-2020'. Essentially, I want to go to another table with the row I’m clicking as the query.

Does Metabase support a feature like this?

I suppose If you’re writing custom SQL, yes, this would be do-able by adding a CS Name variable and a KPI Date variable to that report, then concatenating the values to render the URL of the Metabase report including those filter values. It’d end up looking something like CONCAT(‘’, cs_name, ‘&kpi_date=’, kpi_date).

Probably good to edit the table and add a text value to display instead of the full URL, too (a simple label, like “View”).

It’s a little clunky but it would work, I do believe.