Can we make number chart from different data sources in metabase?

I need to add count from 2 different data sources (2 different databases) and show that in a single number that. Can I do that in metabase ? If so, how can I do that ?
Eg. In a database1 we have a table with employee count as 10 and database2 has table with employee count as 15. I need to create a single number chart that should show the count as 25 by adding those counts on each database.

No, Metabase does not support queries across databases. You would need to setup a datawarehouse.

You are looking for Feature: Join across multiple databases · Issue #3953 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

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Depends upon the database.
In MS SQL, you can use a SQL Query to join across databases on the same server. Some other DBs support this too.

Alternatively, look at Linked Databases in MS SQL. You can then create views in SQL for each table in a single DB. Then make that DB available to Metabase. Performance can be poor, depends upon the data volume.