Can we run multiple docker containers pointing to one ALB(aws application load balance))

i am wondering if metabase supports horizontal scaling.

if i run multiple containers pointing to same MB DB (postgreSQL). will this work? how all containers will be in sync and work parallel ?

Hi @bhaweshintouch
Yes, Metabase is horizontal scalable. Just setup each container to the same internal DB and Metabase will take care of the rest:

then how the caching feature will work in this case. when new container will be launched it wont be having any caching.

when a container will be killed by auto scaling it might be having caching.

Also one more question. if ALB is sending requests to multiple containers in round robin, if query-1 goes to container-1 now conatiner-1 will be having caching for query-1.
but now same query-1 will be triggered by new user for which ALB may send request to container-2 then container-2 wont be having caching.

I think in autos-calling and caching feature will not work please confirm?

The cache is stored in the metadata table query_cache, so all instances share cache.