Can we set a system admin to be notified of new updates?

I’m not the system admin of my Metabase instance but I find myself constantly checking if a new version is out. My system admin simply doesn’t care to check so it’s up to me to nag him every time there’s a new release. I would like to be able to either designate a user as system admin or add an email in the update checker and have that system fire an email to that person every time there’s an update.

Better yet, updating in place would be great but it might be overly complex to pull off.

One low-fi way you could be informed of updates would be to sign up for our newsletter at (bottom-right of the page).

There is a section of the admin panel where you can enable automatic checking for updates (though not auto-updating), but if you’re not an admin, you’d have to ask one of your admins to give you admin access so you could see that section.