Can we use a dashboard Single Date filter with Before?


I have created a Question through the GUI, and have added this question to a Dashboard.
I would like to add a "Single Date" parameter to filter the question before the date: where date <= [Single Date].
At the moment the only option I see is to tie the "Single Date" to the "date" parameter of my question, which seems to translate to where date = [Single Date].

I can think of two alternatives (sharing in case it helps someone in the future), but would like to know if there is a native or simpler way to achieve this:

  1. Use a "Date Range" instead of a "Single Date" - I can set the default date far in the past, but I couldn't find a way to lock only the "from" date and to let users edit the "to" date, so it can potentially lead to wrong data if users edit the range wrongly
  2. Use an SQL query instead of a GUI Question - but then I need some workarounds to use Pivot Tables + my users can't edit those questions through the GUI

Thanks for your help,

can you use "relative date" type? what's the metabase version you're running?