Can we used metabase commercially?

Hi metabase team.

I want to used metabase as commercially and want to do branding. So in this case metabase references need to removed from all the side. Even if we do ctrl + u and would not find keyword metabase. Please confirm if we need a license or you can provide any facility like that ?

I am waiting of your reply.

Thank you


Yes, a licence is needed to remove the branding:

Hi Andrew,

If we view the page source, there are JavaScript objects abd variables with the name of “metabase”. It will also get removed if we purchase that license ?

Thank you

I’m just another user who knew the answer to the original question.
As I understand it, just the branding is removed. It is open source though, so I suppose you could rename the variables. Not sure why you’d want to given the amount of testing you’ll need to do, but up to you.

Ok thank you.