Cannot connect to MongoDB Atlas BI Connector through MySQL Interface


I've enabled MongoDB Atlas's BI Connector and it provides MySQL interface. I was able to connect this MySQL interface from DBeaver JDBC client tool together with proper MySQL/J Connector and it works very well. I was able to see MongoDB collections as tables and columns as expected.

However, with Metabase, I am unable to access MongoDB Atlas BI Connector's MySQL interface. I keep getting "ssl is required when using cleartext authentication" error. When I analyze the MongoDB Atlas BI Connector logs, I realized that Metabase is using MariaDB/J connector 2.7.6 rather than using MySQL driver. I think that's the problem because I was unable to connect from DBeaver to MongoDB Atlas BI Connector through MariaDB J connector either.

So, why Metabase is using MariaDB connector rather than MySQL connector in MySQL connections?

Metabase version v0.44.4 (382d728 release-x.44.x)

Hi @ozi
It would require a custom driver: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

I am able to connect MongoDB Atlas BI Connector MySQL Interface, from the client tools MySQL Workbench, DBeaver, Tableau etc. but Metabase. So, is this a feature request or bug? Since Metabase looks suppport MySQL, it should connect as well. What do you think?

@ozi It would require a different driver, which I've linked above, and is a feature.