Cannot connect to mysql database from metabase docker instance

I tried to connect to my local mysql database using metabase docker instance.
I provided the parameters as localhost,3306,mysql and gave my db name, username and password.
It shows error of cannot connect to database. Is it any problem with mysql installation that i have to allow remote connection in mysql or anyother issue? Please help

Please check how docker works, if the MySQL server is not running inside the docker network then you won’t be able to connect. Please check my docker labs in paoliniluis (Luis Paolini) · GitHub

You have to check the logs in the docker container to help you narrow the problem. I am in the same case as you and managed to make Metabase work on my NAS with the NAS database, not something in a container.

  • I remember one of the steps was to give the docker user the right permissions.
  • on my NAS it was not localhost but the webstation (server) IP.
    Good luck!