Cannot connect to MySQL Database (timeout after 10.0 s)

Help me please, I've been trying to connect MySQL database to Metabase, but it always shows "timeout after 10.0s" like this, anyone can help me please? I'm new to metabase

Hi @wahyunadin
Are you sure that is the correct port?
You are getting a timeout if host or port is incorrect, or if the server is firewalled.

I'm pretty sure that my port is correct, but i don't know how to check my firewall if enabled or not,
Any tips to check my firewall?

Thank you for replying by the way

@wahyunadin So you have setup MySQL to be hosted on the regular FTP port. Interesting choice.
I cannot connect to that port, so I doubt the port is correct - or it is firewalled.
I cannot tell you what do look for in your firewall, since there's several hundred different firewall types, so you should check your firewall documentation.

Thank you so much, i'll try it later :grinning: