Cannot connect to Postgres via SSL on Metabase Cloud

I'm trying to connect to a Postgres instance running on GCP using Metabase Cloud.
Unfortunately I cannot specify neither SSL client key, SSL client cert, nor SSL server cert.

All other sensible solutions have such an option:


Google Data Studio:

My goal was to use your service, as I think it is the best on market, but I cannot even connect our database.

Previous discussions that I've checked (unfortunately all related to self-hosted Metabase versions):

... and others

Hi @pkowalczyk
It's currently not possible connect to Postgres with custom certificates. It is something we have been working on implementing, so certificate handling was available for all the database types we support, but it turned out to be a lot more complicated than we initially thought. I currently don't have a timeline for this.

Ok, thanks for quick answer.

Any suggestion for a workaround?

@pkowalczyk There are none, otherwise I would have written that. Only workaround is to self-host until we have implemented certificate management in the app.

Ok, thank you. I will look for different solution.