Cannot create a question from a saved question

Version 0.31.2

I created a question “A” and saved it - executes successfully.

I then created question “B” that uses “A” as it’s data source, and filled in no other criteria for filter, view, grouping, etc. Hit ‘Get Answer’ and see the following error:

No method in multimethod '->honeysql' for dispatch value: [metabase.driver.postgres.PostgresDriver :time-interval]

Hi @kbitz
On question A, are you using filter by date? If yes, then you’re most likely seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking the :+1:

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@flamber I am not using a date filter - I am using a filter that is based on a joined table, but I saw that issue on github was marked as fixed in 0.31.1

Nevermind, I am conflating problems. In this case I am using a date filter and removing it fixed the problem.